New Volunteers As "Sri Lanka Sumithrayos"

Have you heard of Sri Lanka Sumithrayo and their services to our community?

If you are a person with a passion to help the needy, distressed people and wish to bring smiles on their faces, here is an opportunity –

  • In brief, about Sri Lanka Sumithrayo, we are a non-profit organisation and provide emotional support to distressed people from all walks of life, focusing on “Prevention of Suicide”
  • The members of this organisation are Volunteers and contribute a minimum of 4 hours a week to offer support to needy people – listen to the pain of the people who face difficulties and challenging tasks in order to help them to help themselves in easing out the situations whatever it may be.
  • Active Listening is a powerful skill, which can help anyone who needs help, like loneliness, distress or any problems that they cannot cope with.
  • Are you a good listener or wish to develop your skills in active listening and wish to make a difference not only in the community but also amongst your friends while you stand out as a great human being.
  • Join Sri Lanka Sumithrayo and gain valuable work and life experience, while improving your personality.
  • Once you decide to serve as a Volunteer with Sri Lanka Sumithrayo, with special training keeping in line with the ethos of Sri Lanka Sumithrayo, you will gain knowledge, experience and specific skills to reflect as an ideal applicant even at interviews, having skills which the other applicant may not be having. There may be many with equally high qualifications as you have but may not possess your qualities of kindness, caring, sharing and listening skills etc.,
  • If you are an energetic individual, wanting to help your community and be a good human being with high values, all you have to do is commit yourself to contribute 4 hours a week convenient to you for this service.

For more details, please send us your details by filling the application form available in our website.

Procedure/Guidelines For Recruitment Of New Volunteers

  • Applications will be called from the interested candidates [application form available on the website
  • The Management will short list the applicants
  • Selected applicants will be called for an interview and suitable candidates will be selected The selected candidates should consent to contribute minimum 4 hours a week to help the needy people.
  • Training will be provided in line with the ethos of Sri Lanka Sumithrayo on the weekends
  • At the end of the training, the volunteers will be called Probationary Volunteers [PV] and will commence roster work.
  • Mostly the Volunteers reach out to the needy people [schools, elders homes, hospital] and transport will be provided for this purpose..
  • Attendance and Punctuality is a vital discipline within the organisation. Volunteers should be available 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
  • Volunteers are expected to dress neatly, soberly and casually.
  • A person who contacts Sri Lanka Sumithrayo either in person, by letter, telephone or email is referred to as a “CALLER”.
  • On completion of the probationary period of 6-12 months, all prospective volunteers are assessed prior to registration.

The Sri Lanka Sumithrayo Charter

  • The primary purpose of the centres is to give emotional support to people when they are suicidal.
  • The Volunteers who serve the centres also seek to alleviate misery, loneliness, despair and depression by listening to those who feel they cannot turn to anyone else who would understand and accept them.
  • Contact with a centre does not limit individual freedom, which is further protected by the right to remain anonymous.
  • The fact that some has been in contact with a centre and everything revealed by or about the person is confidential.
  • The centres are non-political and non-sectarian and the volunteers do not seek to impose their own convictions on anyone.
  • Volunteers are selected, trained, guided and supported by other experienced volunteers.
  • Centres may on certain occasions request the advice of professional consultants.
  • In appropriate circumstances individuals may be invited to consider seeking professional help in addition to the support offered by a centre.

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