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If you know of someone going through Despair, anxiety, loneliness, depression or any negative emotions they could be at risk. Being withdrawn, lack of support system, isolation and hopelessness could lead to suicidal thoughts.


Recent loss and Greif in life

Loosing a loved one can leave many negative emotions. The pain, loss, hopelessness, feeling helpless and not able to go through life as it feels empty.

A breakup in a relationship

Someone who has experienced a recent break up in a relationship would feel unloved, pain, rejection, guilt and loss of self-confidence to face day to day living.

Mental Illness

Mental illness can affect at any age, withdrawn behaviour, loss of interest in daily activities, mood changes, anxiety over imaginary problems and physical ailments such as head aches insomnia and muscle pains that cant be identified are often seen

Alcohol or drug abuse

Dependency to alcohol and drugs can be harmful physically and emotionally. Feeling of anger, rejection from family and friends, financial difficulties and loneliness can be over whelming.